About Us
SwapArk is a business to business website that can save you a lot of money. We have several platforms that allow you to buy services and products at up to 70% off!

How does it work? If you're looking for a service or product, you can swap a service or product you have OR you can purchase points to buy the service or product. Points are sold at half the cost of cash. In other words, if you purchase 10 points, you only pay $5.

We ask that all participating members make their products and services available for points at the discount rate. In other words, if you're selling a product that normally costs $10 USD, you should sell the product for 10 points. That also means you're purchasing items at that same rate.

Once again, you can swap services and items with no cash or points involved! You can post a ad stating the service or product you want to swap and make sure to mention what you're looking to swap it for. There is no cost for this service so it saves you a ton of cash!

Did you get a lot of points and want to cash them in? No problem! You can cash your points balance in anytime at the cash value, which is 50% (which is the price the clients and you pay for the points).

So in a nutshell, your getting deals at 50% off cash value and/or you can swap 100% saving your cash! It's a great deal!

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