About Us
We here at SwapArk.com noticed a issue with most micro job, freelance websites. That problem was that the website itself was making a lot of money and the professionals were not. We also noticed some of these gig sites almost make it like a 'gambling' process. The service professional bids (gambles) on a gig hoping that he/she gets it.

SwapArk.com created a new method of gig transactions that work for both the buyer and seller. Buyers get the job done and sellers get the gig or they don't pay.

How does SwapArk.com get jobs for these professional service providers? SwapArk.com promotes listings via a variety of social sites and listing sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. We also list on Google and Bing. So users, who need services, will fill out a simple request form that gets added to our database and connects with professional members.

SwapArk.com also has a opt-in mass email subscription base that's interested in listings that are posted to the site. We also have public profiles where users can create their own free account to get the latest listings as they come in.

What makes SwapArk.com different from other national micro job sites is that we do no sell bid points to professionals. This means you don't have to pay for something you may not get. Hiring clients also do not have to sign up, create a profile or commit to membership to use our services.